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Your best options for commercial & residential flooring

Flooring is a constant necessity, and commercial flooring is not more important than residential. They each have their specific requirements and importance to the homeowner or business owner, so they’re equally necessary. When it comes to choosing what’s perfect for you, we’ll make sure you get what you need.

While appearance is often a determining factor in residential settings, it’s often durability that drives the business owner towards the perfect material. Of course, these are both factors in every floor covering, which you’ll find to be entirely true when you start shopping for yourself. Gather your list of requirements and preferences, and read along with us now.

Commercial & residential flooring you can use

If you need flooring for a commercial space, commercial carpet is an excellent material. Especially useful in schools, offices, and places of worship, the material can feature added durability and stain protection for a floor covering that offers a great appearance with a great lifespan as well. Additionally, there are lots of options in format, layout, fiber, and so much more.

Residential flooring is a specialty of ours, and our experienced staff members know exactly how to match you with the materials that genuinely serve your requirements. Choose from a variety of materials, each with different characteristics, to cater to every home. Even with pets and children. If you’re not sure what you might need, we’ll help you figure out the best materials for your needs.
With both types of flooring, we also understand the importance of excellent flooring installation. When you choose your flooring material, we’ll discuss all the most appropriate methods and a time frame that works best for you. In commercial settings, we understand that you don’t want to have to shut down areas of your business any longer than necessary, and we’ll work with you to come up with a schedule from which everyone can benefit.

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The Carpet and Tile Center Inc. offers an excellent variety of both commercial and residential products that can make your flooring experience perfect. With a showroom in Kissimmee, FL, we serve communities such as Kissimmee, St. Cloud, Buena Ventura Lakes, and Hunters Creek, FL. If you’re in those areas, we invite you to visit us for consultation, to browse our inventory, and to ask any questions you need an answer to. We can help with both commercial flooring and residential, so stop by any time.