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Laminate flooring from The Carpet and Tile Center Inc.


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Water Protection
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Antique Craft Cotton Knit Oak 4
Boardwalk Collective Bleached Linen 07W
Briarfield Artifact Oak 05
Carrolton Aged Bark Oak 93
Chalet Vista Cheyenne Rock Oak 5
Cornwall Aged Bark Oak 93
Cottage Villa Midday Mocha Oak 4
Crest Haven Briarwood Oak 04
Fulford Mist Hickory 02
Hartwick Beigewood Maple 01
Kingmire Bourbon Hickory 03

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Preferred Legrand Artisan Tan
Rare Vintage Ashlar Oak 09W
Rivercrest Aged Barrel Oak 06

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Western Ridge Buckhorn Pine 04
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